• First step Applying

    Thanks for looking into our mortgage program.  As your lender, we are very proud to be committed to providing you the best service and saving in homeownership.  We created the mortgage brokerage to control the cost of a mortgage in the home buying process.  We are happy that we save you on average about half of what other companies charge you to provide a mortgage.  This creates a great opportunity to not only provide you the best mortgage but to control the cost when you’re selling a home on the Sell For 3% program and you’re asked to pay the buyer closing cost of 3%.  You can say sure I’ll pay 1% it cost at Sellfor3.com LLC to get a similar loan.

  • 2nd step Uploading your documents

    To complete your mortgage application we will need some information to verify your application. We have created a secure and encrypted transaction management and document management system that you will be able to E-sign your document for the loan, upload your supporting document and track the progress throughout the process.

    Now the process can be so simple and automated we can complete a full income and assets underwriting in minutes with our automated underwriting system. If your company uses the Work Number we can access all the income info.  You can opt-in to allow us to validate your bank and retirement accounts instantly.  You will need to opt-in for us to do automated verification of your assets.  If you do and you can find your accounts on the system you won’t have to provide all the cumbersome paperwork like 2 years of tax returns, 2 years W2’s, or 2 years tax transcripts, 3 months full bank statement, 401 k statements, nothing.  All you have to do is ask your employers’ HR department if they are on the Work Number and if there is a pin needed to access your full income data.  After you complete the full online application,  we will email you a link to opt-in to verify your assets a few minutes of choosing the banks or companies and opting in your done. Notify us you completed the application and opt-in process and we get a full approval with income and assets verification complete.  No additional documentation for most loans unless you’re self-employed!  Often times on a refinance transactions we get an appraisal waiver, no appraisal needed.  We love technology!

    If you want to and choose to provide documentation or your banks or asset companies aren’t on the automated system we’ll need:

    • The last full month’s pay stubs, SSI, Pension benefit, or  annuity awards letter
    • The last 2 years Full Tax Returns all schedules and W’2s and 1099’s
    • The last 3 months full bank statements, look for the download statement area, of your online banking
    • Your most recent statement for 401K or IRA or other accounts if annually or quarterly.

    On all loans will need

    • A copy of Social Security Card.  1 government issued ID with picture Ex: Driver’s License, passport, green card or State ID card and 1 other form of ID could be anything a credit card, Costco membership card, work ID doesn’t have to have a picture.
  • 3rd step locking your loan

    You’re ready to lock in your mortgage rate and get set for close.

    • We will discuss with you your rate lock options and lender credits and lock your loan.
    • We’re ready to order your appraisal and get you set to close.
    • We complete any additional underwriting conditions and get the closing documents out.
  • 4th step cLosing your mortgage

    We work with the investor to send out your closing disclosure so you can close in 3 days.  We’ll have a closing set up where it’s most convenient for you,  in our office, the title office, or anywhere you would like.

The HomeOwnership Company Mortgage

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