You can sell your home yourself:

But there’s more to selling your home than a “For Sale” sign in your front yard and putting it on and!

First off we have a Hybrid listing plan, for our Sell For 3% program, that allow you to get all the marketing power and assistance of our enhanced full service MLS listing and you get you continue selling the home by owner.  That right you get the milk but keep the cow.  If you find the buyer we just cancel the listing and we’ll help you with the sale.  Why because with 6% more equity, that makes buying and financing your next home easier for both of us.

If you’re still going it alone (WHY?) here are some thing to consider.  It’s important to know where the Buyers are! These days, more than 98% of home Buyers turn first to the Internet to preview properties, but that’s not the only criteria. It’s like fishing there could be a lot of fish in the pond but you need to find the pond with the fish that are feeding, to catch them.  You have to get Internet exposure to the buyer that are past the information gathering stage and are making offers?  If you don’t you’ll have a parade of homes going on but no offers.  There’s 2 beauty pageants the first is online and you need a great virtual tour.  Then you need them to fall in love with your home in their viewing.  You don’t see the little thing buyer see they are wall paper to you be we do see them and we’ll get you all dolled up for the pageant!

Even though Buyers start on the Internet, the vast majority align themselves with a realtor as they get serious about buying. Realtors set up automated search on the mls and they get sent new listing daily from listings in the MLS ®. Without an MLS ® listing, your home will not be seen by the buyer that are in the buying phase – and Realtors have those Buyer!

And beware… many times, the types of Buyers that do approach a FSBO (For Sale By Owner) want a deal and will try to “low ball” the Seller at least 6%. They assume that the Seller may be desperate to sell, without enough equity in the home to cover the cost of Realtor commissions. They shop around, from one FSBO to another, until they find a desperate Seller willing to bite at a low offer. Remember: Buyers want to offer you as close to nothing as possible! Or worse you get a flipper that wants to buy at 70% of the value.  While that “For Sale By Owner” sign might sound like a good idea, it usually means a different thing to buyers.

When you get buyer knocking on your door how will you answer the following:

  • “How will you handle the following questions
  • “How does your home compare to all the competition in this area of town?
  • “How did you determine the fair market value of this property?”
  • “What about financing when they ask for you to pay all their closing cost ? Can you help?”
  • “If they want to an offer, who will draw up the paperwork?”
  • “Why aren’t you using a Realtor? Is there something wrong with the property?”
  • “Since you aren’t using a Realtor, we can take their fee right off the top?”
  • “What do you need to disclose and how, so you don’t get sued?”

Selling your home is one of the most important financial transactions you will make in your life. Don’t take risks. Selling your home is nothing like selling a car. Every home is different, and every homebuyer wants to offer you as little as possible. How do you determine the real market value?

Most homes are sold using a Realtor. As real estate professionals, it is our job to help you negotiate with all those buyers who want something for nothing. Not to mention preparing your home for sale, marketing it locally and even nationally, and guiding you through the complex paperwork, disclosure, inspection, appraisals and pitfalls today’s mortgage environment, escrow and closing. Make sure you are really ready to handle all of that before pounding that sign into your front yard and posting it on and Errors can be extremely costly.

If you take on selling your own home, at least let us give you a sense of its true market value. Tell us a bit about your home, and we’ll do a quick Comparative Market Analysis from sold, active, and the coming comparables the under contract homes.  We will let you know what it is worth and how the market is. We can also talk about how our company is a game changer in both service and saving when marketing your property – it’s a real eye-opener to find out how much money you will save with our programs.  This is free, with no strings attached. Simply fill out the form and we’ll get right back to you…

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