Our home Selling Programs

Real estate will never be the same! A HomeOwnership Company Mortgage and real estate together Saving you half the costs Keep more of your equity Owning the home you love Is now affordable again!

If you’re selling without buying a replacement home

For A Limited TIME You Pay 3.5% Only 3.5% A Full Service Listing

Our Full Service

Sell for 4% program

If you’re a home seller, our sell for 4% program is for you.  We have to charge you something but we don’t charge 6% or 7% like other traditional agents.

We use all the best tools from the internet and social media to sell your home with our full-service listing and some revolutionary enhancement, we’ll show you in person.  NO Really! The best listing available for only 4% total commission.  This includes all the bells and whistles and then some! on a $250,000* that alone is $5,000 more in your pocket at closing.

But wait there’s more if the buyer of the home you’re selling ask you to pay 3% to their closing cost, with our half cost mortgages we can save you 2%. You’ll be happy to hear that buyers love working with us because we gift them their closing cost out of our buyer commission to pay their closing cost so you don’t have to.  That’s a 5% saving (*$12,250) over a traditional agent.  We have weekly strategy session going over the showing feedback, the daily competition updates from the MLS, to keep your home on top of your competition.