We are your partner in owning a home! We do that by giving you the best saving, rebates and programs available in HomeOwnership. To buy and own your home you don‘t need help with just half the process you need it for the whole process. Buying is REAL ESTATE and Owning is MORTGAGE. That’s why we’re the first HomeOwnership Company putting synergy into you HomeOwnership.

Sell For 4% total commission

  • You keep 2% more of your home’s equity when you sell your home and buy a replacement home with us!  Let the seller of the home you’re buying pay us to sell your home!

  • You’ll have between 3% to 5% more for your down payment and may be able to buy out your mortgage insurance at 10% down with our mortgage saving!

  • When we find the buyer for your home, you save 3% more, because we pay their closing cost with our buying program rebate, so you don’t have to!

  • You’ll save up to 6% over working with traditional real estate and mortgage companies!

  • If you qualify we’ll include our certified pre-owned sales program which included an appraisal and a home inspection.  We can cut out the frustrating renegotiation after the buyer does their inspection and wants you to pay 3% to their closing cost because the home isn’t up to today’s code.  This is a strategy buyer agents use to get a property under contract and then get the seller to pay 3% to the buyer closing cost.  We eliminate it by giving them the inspection and saying make your offer knowing the as-is condition of the home.

  • We created this company to provide a better full-service listing and allow HomeOwner sell and buy the home they want with freedom and ease.

Why we do mortgages too

  • We can save you about half the cost on both real estate and in mortgage making buying in this sellers market ease and less expensive. Because we eliminate the outrageous salesman commission (loan officer) you save 50% over the traditional way to do mortgages

  • Most lenders set their compensation at 2.5% from the investor ours is 1.25%.  You receive a extra 1.25%  in a lender credit for your closing cost for the same rate form the same investors the traditional mortgage companies  offer.

  • We provide you a real estate rebate on average of 1%   of the sale price to pay your closing cost with the generous lender credit of 1.25% that usually cover all your closing costs and buys your a better rate. Our program is a no cost to you or the seller of the home you want to buy.  DO YOU THINK THAT WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN YOUR OFFER BEING ACCEPTED!

  • Our business model allow us to cut out the fat and give you the largest lender credit we have ever seen in our industry!  If you get a comparable Loan Estimate anywhere else that is even “THE SAME RATE AND COSTS AS OURS”,  we’ll increase your real estate rebate $500! That’s how sure we are that we have unbeatable mortgage programs. 

Home Buyers Rebate!

  • We give you a sharing of  our buyer commission equaling of anything above 2%.  Typically the commission is 3% and you get 1%  towards your mortgage closing cost if you’re using our mortgage department.  You can ask the seller to pay a 3
    % omission if it’s lower so that you can have a 1% gift.  That with our low mortgage fees will cover your out of pocket closing cost!

  • Because our mortgage cost are ½ of traditional mortgage companies you usually have an extra 1.25% lender credit and our 1% gift that will easily cover your closing costs!

  • You’ll have a significant advantage over another buyer when you’re in a multiple offer situation. The best homes on the market get multiple offers in the first few days.  With our program, designed pay your closing cost, you don’t have to ask the seller to pay 3% or thousands of your closing costs!  You win the home, because, we make your offer the best offer, netting the seller the most money.  You win with no more money from your pocket and because we created a mortgage company that charges what it cost not a 50% profit too.

  • As a home buyer, the mortgage saving we provide can be used in so many ways to make your mortgage the best on the market.

  • With our advantage as a HomeOwnership company, we are your partner in making your HomeOwnership a reality.

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Our Story

We Believe in you owning the home you love with freedom and ease!

What you can count on from us is, having the best Homeownership programs available period!

If there was a better company we would be working for them, but there isn’t!  We had to build it.  Over the last decade like you, we’ve been getting progressively more frustrated, because it costs way too much of your hard earn money or equity, to sell and buy a replacement  home.  While the technology makes it easier for agents and loan officers to do their job, the commission kept going up.

We had to fix this broken industry!  We created a new concept, a Homeownership Company.  Real estate and mortgage together in  the same company saving you half costs.  We specialized what each person in the company does and gave them the tools to do it better.  That allows us to charge you a 4% total commission,  Significantly lower then what other charge for a full service listing.  As a HomeOwnership Company we create huge advantages for buying over traditional real estate companies , we pay your closing costs, not the seller!  With that, you can win the best home available, even if there’s multiple offers.  But wait there’s more! We had to transform the mortgage side of the transaction.  We cut out the fat and  save you HALF the cost of providing a mortgage. You receive an additional lender credit of 1.25% of the loan amount, to cover your Taxes and Insurance escrow account making your out of pocket just your down payment!

We provide you exceptional service and cut out the fat,  for the lowest possible expenses in both Real Estate and Mortgage, and amazing low interest rates give us a call.  We make it a smoother ride along the way to HomeOwnership.

We know you Believe in Home as much as we do!

  • We believe in Home!

    We believe in you owning a home you love with freedom and ease.  We have created the best possible way to sell and keep your equity.  If you’re a first time buyer, we pay your closing cost so you win your home.  No one in the industry has ever taken on making homeownership easier, with more saving,  and more service.

  • Sell For only 4% Program

    We sell your home with our enhanced full-service listing.  The total commission is only 4%.  You transfer 2% more equity into your new home! We actually get paid for your sale, by the seller of the home you’re buying.

  • Home Buyers

    Our home buyers program gives you an advantage over all the other buyer, to win the home you love!   We give you gift you all the buyer commission over 2% commission we earn as your agent to pay your closing cost.  Because of the extra 1.25% lender credit, you receive on our mortgage, that pay all your closing cost. The best homes on the market get multiple offers and we make sure you win them, without spending any more of your saving.

  • Mortgage Savings

    That wasn’t nearly enough to transform home ownership.  We got licensed to do mortgages and redesigned the process. We make mortgages easier with technology, better communication, you work directly with the processor doing all the work on your loan. Oh yes! We cut out the unneeded salesperson/marketer to save you half of a what others charge to do the loan.  On average for the same rate, we give you an additional 1.25% lender’s credit to pay your closing cost.

We are a Game Changing company in Home Ownership!

We are a Game Changing company in Home Ownership!

Your Partner

We are your partner in owning a home! We do that by giving you the best saving, rebates and programs available in HomeOwnership.


To buy and own your home you don‘t need help with just half the process you need it for the whole process.  Buying is REAL ESTATE  and Owning is MORTGAGE

The Whole Process

That’s why we’re the first HomeOwnership Company putting synergy into your HomeOwnership.